As you all know there is a spike in virus cases.  State has extended
some measures that require we are careful in our actions at golf courses.  
With the 50 people in a gathering mandate, each of us is responsible to
make sure we DO NOT BUNCH UP on the shotgun starts  or Tee Time starts
or on putting green or practise tee.
If you wish to bring along a mask or wipes I am sure no one will make fun of
•        Do not  "help a competitor out" by picking up his club
•        cover any cough or sneeze
•        share the range and putting green prior to start of round
•        socal distance
•        If you are aware you have been exposed or have any of the symptoms
                                         STAY HOME
Score Card guide lines
•        Be sure and print names clearly and include at least a first initial and
         last name
•       Write clearly and fill score box with number
•       No write over (erase if you must but do not write over)
•        Check card to be turned in - you have spent 4-5 hours playing golf -
        five minutes to assure a correct card is not too long
•        Always indicate if you play any teeing ground other than default (if 80
      and move up to shorter tees make sure you write same on card)
Slow Play Guidelines:  Remember it is every
golfer’s duty to keep up with the game in front
and not just ahead of the game behind.  Click
on the ICON to review key suggestions on
keeping pace:  
Slow Play Guidelines
As we begin the season all finishing times will be monitored.  The time your
score card is turned will be recorded and any group failing to turn in their card within
15 minutes of the group in front of them will be notified.  Individuals receiving multiple
notifications, hopeful
ly, will be encouraged to evaluate their pace of play and to
speed up.
DEADLINE CHANGE FOR TOURNAMENT SIGN-UP:  Many courses have requested
information regarding player list and pairings sheets earlier than could be provided
based on 48 hour cut off policy.  The board approved a change in cut off time to one
consistent day and time regardless of playing on Monday or Tuesday.  
  • New cut off time for notification for opting out is Thursday Noon week prior to
Handicap Calculations: Handicaps are determined by what tee
box you are playing and at what course.  Yesterday at Two
Rivers you played Yellow tees with a slope and rating of 67.0 /
111  and tournament handicap was 19.  Had you played white
tees your handicap would have been 20 based on slope and
rating of 69.8 / 116.  Your handicap, as you see above is
different based on the course we are playing.  Your "published"
handicap is based on our home course of Country Hills playing
the white tees, so If I send out general a list of players not
specific to an outing and it lists a handicap it will be based on
white tees at Country Hills .
Our computer software uses USGA rules and guidelines in
calculating an index.  This index is recalculated twice a month on
the 1st and the 15th using the best ten of your most recent 20
scores (see USGA handicapping on line for more detail).  If you
than ten best.  The idea being your index is a fair representative
of the potential score you are likely to score, thus an equalizer
for our competition.
We are using the USGA recommended tie breaker:
>If net score is same:
  • Use last 9 holes and 1/2 handicap
  • Use last 6 holes and 1/3 handicap
  • Use last 3 holes and 1/6 handicap
  • 18 back (net using full handicap)