TOURNAMENT RULES:  Direct questions to Jerry Ashley
  • If interest is sufficient, Jerry has volunteered to
    meet 30 minutes before Tournaments to
    address questions and go over various rules,
    especially PGA rule changes for 2018
Slow Play Guidelines:  Remember it is every golfer’s duty to
keep up with the game in front and not just ahead of the
game behind.  Click on the ICON to review key suggestions
on keeping pace:  
Slow Play Guidelines
courses have requested information regarding player list
and pairings sheets earlier than could be provided based
on 48 hour cut off policy.  The board approved a change in
cut off time to one consistent day and time regardless of
playing on Monday or Tuesday.  
  • New cut off time for notification for opting out is
    Friday Noon week prior to outing.
Water HazardPenalty Strokes Clarification:  Water Hazard
Penalty Stroke Table
CodeRed:  An Emergency Service from the City of
CodeRed Registration Steps
Handicap Calculations: Handicaps are determined by what tee
box you are playing and at what course.  Yesterday at Two
Rivers you played Yellow tees with a slope and rating of 67.0 /
111  and tournament handicap was 19.  Had you played white
tees your handicap would have been 20 based on slope and
rating of 69.8 / 116.  Your handicap, as you see above is
different based on the course we are playing.  Your "published"
handicap is based on our home course of Country Hills playing
the white tees, so If I send out general a list of players not
specific to an outing and it lists a handicap it will be based on
white tees at Country Hills .
Our computer software uses USGA rules and guidelines in
calculating an index.  This index is recalculated twice a month on
the 1st and the 15th using the best ten of your most recent 20
scores (see USGA handicapping on line for more detail).  If you
do not have a history of 20 scores the calculation uses fewer
than ten best.  The idea being your index is a fair representative
of the potential score you are likely to score, thus an equalizer
for our competition.
Tie Breaker Rules:  Since we changed to USGA handicapping
we are using the USGA recommended tie breaker:
>If net score is same:

  • Use last 9 holes and 1/2 handicap
  • Use last 6 holes and 1/3 handicap
  • Use last 3 holes and 1/6 handicap
  • 18 back (net using full handicap)