General:  All play shall be governed by current USGA rules unless there are exceptions specified by TTSGA Rules Committee. All players are expected to learn and enforce these
    rules in the interest of fairness. The Rules Committee will decide on any disagreement resulting in the interpretation of a rule violation. Listed below are some that may have been
    changed or added for clarification and to speed up play.  
  1. Membership
  • Limited Membership
  • Member Meetings
  1. Tournament Rules
  • Players assigned to "A" Flight
  • In case of ties
  • New Members
  • Members' Guests
  • Rainouts
  • Prize Money
  • Championship Tournaments
  • Team Events
  • Hole-In-One Pot
  • Waiting List
  • Course Unable to Accommonodate All
    Registered Players
  • Compliance with Policies
  1. Website
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    To print out the details of the Policies, "click" on the
    following ICON:
  1. Ball
  2. Ball Drop Procedure
  3. Making a Tee.
  4. Hole Out Putts
  5. Hitting the Wrong Ball/Tee
  6. Hitting from the Wrong Tee
  7. Unplayable Lie
  8. Moving the Ball
  9. Ball out of Bounds
  10. Lost Ball
  11. Ball in a Bunker
  12. Penalty Areas (2019 Adoption)
  13. Unable to hit over a Water Hazard
  14. Movable Obstructions
  15. Unmovable Obstructions
  16. Slow Play Penalty
  17. Scorecards